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Problem Solving Capabilities

On-site investigation, analysis of potential risks, determination of risk levels and evaluation; 

Engineering analysis——calculation of optimum bolt load, gasket design, selection of fastening method and determination of fastening process; 

Appoint engineering supervision personnel and on-site technical guidance experts to provide professional equipment, including hydraulic torque wrench, hydraulic bolt tensioner, flange end face processing machine, flange separator, etc.; 

Reliability control testing, leakage judgment and investigation; 

Data recording, compilation and data management; 

Make connection labels to support data management system; Professional training to improve the technical ability of bolt fastening and flange leakage prevention.

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Service Capabilities

Flange management service: complete flange fastening by providing professional bolt fastening tools and professional service team; 

Flange face repair: for flange size from DN15 to DN3000;

Pipeline cutting and grooving: for pipeline size from DN50 to DN700;

On-site drilling: drilling can reach DN200;

Sales and lease of international professional bolt fastening equipment: providing special design and product combination according to on-site working conditions; 

High-pressure water cleaning, endoscope inspection, etc.

Technician Capabilities

        HTS has experienced technical service and engineering management team to ensure the smooth completion of the project. Core members have been trained strictly by the British Bolt Fastening Company, and have reached the national technical standards PF010, PF018 and PF019 of the British ECITB, and have the qualification certificate of the British professional service engineer. Management or core members hold relevant qualification certificates and safety certificates. All participants must go through strict service and safety assessment before becoming a HTS technician.

Equipment Capabilities

        HTS has a warehouse of nearly 2,000 square meters with more than 10,000 sets of professional equipment. Hydraulic bolt tensioners of various specifications have the ability to carry out multiple projects at the same time.

        HTS has various specifications of hydraulic wrenches, bolt tensioner, multiple sets of end face processing machines, beveling machines, drilling equipment, etc., which can be operated online in multiple groups at the same time to meet different needs of the construction site. HTS also has a large number of flange management auxiliary equipment, such as hydraulic nut cleaver, hydraulic flange separator, bolt heater, ultrasonic bolt measuring instrument, bolt load measuring instrument, etc.


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