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Cutting and Grooving

  1. The groove is regular, and the slope can be turned as required, meeting welding standard and  weld strength requirements. If gas cutting is used, the incision will be irregular, and will take a lot of time to polish the incision later.

    2. Machining is cold working, so as to avoid the high temperature of the cutting part while gas cutting and cutting produce a large number of sparks, and heat treatment of metal will seriously affect the material properties of the cutting part.

    3. Cutting causes less loss to the pipeline, which is convenient for later recovery and direct welding, no additional piping is needed.

    4. The equipment is hydraulic or electric, which adapts to the changeable field construction environment.

    5. The fuselage is light, easy to install and easy to adjust. Equipment can be clamped and operated in a relatively small working space.

    Complete Sets of Professional Equipment 

HTS has several sets of portable beveling machines, which can work online and in multiple groups at the same time, meeting the different needs of the site.

    Strong Technical Strength 

HTS adheres to the concept of technology first. Technical team has rich field experience and is good at solving various difficult problems quickly.

    Service Ability

HTS adheres to the aim of responding quickly to customers' requirements, and provides on-site technical support within 24 hours to solve any on-site problems quickly and timely.

    Pipeline cutting and grooving business:

    Pipe sizes range from DN50 to DN3000



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