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HTS Celebrates National Day, Gold Service on Project Sites

Golden Beads Light Up Lunar Festival

      The annual Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the arrival of national day. For this reason, HTS held a dinner party for the national day of the Lunar Festival and the third anniversary of HTS. According to the tradition of HTS, in addition to dinner, a gold bead will be distributed to everyone as a souvenir every year. The longer you stay at HTS, the more gold beads you'll collect. Older HTS members like to wear it as a souvenir and decoration. This year, the "2020 HTS" was specially engraved on the golden bead to commemorate the extraordinary year under the epidemic situation.


High Praise on Project Site

      The lively atmosphere led to a high mood. The people of HTS, who were in the project site and the headquarters of the company, joined hands to celebrate the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival. 2020 is a special year. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, HTS still overcame many difficulties. With the concept of "customer first, technology first, service first", it organized and implemented the response plan and response mode under the epidemic situation, which ensured the smooth progress of more than ten flange management projects during the epidemic period, highly praised by clients.

       National day of the Lunar Festival is the first holiday after the epidemic situation is stable. HTS people still stick to their posts on the project site to protect the owners from leakage and danger.


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