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HTS Flange Fixed Distance Fastening Service ——17 Years to Create a Famous Brand in Flange Integrated Management

All industries faced great challenges in 2020. It is very important for petrochemical enterprises whether the new construction and maintenance projects can be carried out smoothly. HTS, who participated in several flange management projects, overcame various uncertain factors caused by the epidemic, and jointly invested in anti-epidemic production with petrochemical and other related enterprises.


    In the 1.5 million tons/year ethylene project of Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Chemical Co., Ltd., HTS accurately manages the ethylene cold area, cracking area and other areas to ensure that the fastening is in place at one time without hot tightening (cold tightening). In the construction stage, HTS technicians not only have holidays such as Spring Festival, but also cooperate with the business to carry out emergency work such as flange end face repair, pipe cutting and grooving, drilling, etc., highly praised by customers.


Discussing Solutions at Dongying Hualian Petrochemical


Night Battle at Liaohe Petrochemical

    The start-up of overhaul project of Dongying Hualian Petrochemical Company is a critical period for epidemic control. HTS engineers took no pain to fasten flanges with constant torque, and none of them leaked after starting and feeding, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the plant. HTS engineers also worked in Liaohe Petrochemical Maintenance Project, who quickly arrived at the site and worked uninterrupted to help the enterprise smoothly resume the operation of the plant.


    Baolai Chemical Project started at the end of March, and HTS undertook the fastening and repair work of key flanges of ethylene and other devices with a capacity of 1 million tons/year. This project is not a big challenge for HTS with rich industry experience, and is progressing smoothly. Although the fastening effect of key flanges participated by HTS is very good, after the whole ethylene plant entered the airtight experimental stage in June, the number of flanges that were not fastened by constant torque and needed to be repaired doubled, and the demand for HTS technicians and equipment surged instantaneously. At this time, it was the early stage of the second outbreak in Beijing, and it was impossible to send engineers to the scene from the headquarters in HTS, Beijing. HTS immediately mobilized people from Dalian and other project departments to urgently support the work of Baolai Project Department. At Baolai ethylene site, due to the repair of flange face required by the construction period, multiple groups of operations need to be carried out at the same time, and multiple groups of machining personnel and equipment are required, which is a great challenge for HTS. During peak hours, HTS Baolai Project Department carried out 5 groups of machining operations and 45 groups of fastening operations at the same time one day, helping the owners to solve a large number of problems of airtight leakage and sealing in time and quickly, and once again demonstrating the comprehensive strength and rapid assault capability of Haitaisi personnel and equipment.


    On May 16, Sinochem Quanzhou ethylene million-ton compressor drive industrial steam turbine test was a complete success, which also proved once again that HTS's flange management has zero leakage. HTS, who entered Sinochem Quanzhou from the end of 2019, undertook flange management of 1 million tons/year ethylene and 3 million tons/year atmospheric distillation units. Up to now, the Quanzhou Project Department of HTS Sinochem is still fighting side by side with the owner and the construction party, working overtime to catch up with the progress of the project affected by the epidemic.

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    In the first half of the year, HTS also carried out projects such as Sinopec Zhanjiang, Yanchang Petroleum Yulin, Maoming Petrochemical, etc., and each project faced the test of various emergencies. In order to ensure the smooth progress of more than 10 flange management projects during the epidemic this year, HTS increased the equipment supply of each project department on the basis of a large number of original equipment, and flexibly transferred more than 100 people in the south, north and central regions to avoid passive work caused by sudden epidemic in a certain region.

    In August, at the mid-year meeting to celebrate the 17th anniversary of HTS, Beijing headquarters and project departments all over the country reviewed the growth process and every transformation of HTS together. In the past 17 years, HTS has always focused on the field of bolt fastening, and joined hands with well-known companies at home and abroad to serve hundreds of enterprises of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. The leakage rate under the integrated management of Haitis flange is low, and the leakage-free flange accounts for over 99.9%, which can effectively avoid or solve the flange leakage problem. After the flange management service of HTS, it can be realized that there is no need for cooling and heating after the test run, and the success rate of one test run is 99.9%, which saves a lot of costs for customers and is widely praised by the owners. HTS's corporate culture of "technology first, customer first, service first" and its innovative technical ability have created HTS's brand image and good reputation in the industry.

    This epidemic is destined to be recorded in history. The flange integrated management of HTS protects petrochemical enterprises and jointly creates enterprise glory in a special period.

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