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HTS - OPTIMUS Hydraulic Flange Tightener

HTS subsea flange tightener can provide great tension. Tension force of each tensioner can reach 259KN(26Ton). If four equipments are used at the same time, the tension force can reach 1036KN(104Ton). After each tightening stroke is completed, the oil cylinder automatically resets without manual intervention.

● High-strength stainless steel material shortens maintenance time

● Large tightening stroke

● Each oil cylinder is controlled independently

● After each stroke is completed, the oil cylinder will automatically reset

● The controller can control each oil cylinder independently or remotely

● Compact design and light weight

HTS flange tensioner is powerful and can be used for different tightening requirements. Under standard conditions, the control valve can be directly installed on the oil cylinder and completely controlled manually. If each cylinder does not need to be controlled separately, the remote control can be used. Only a single diver can control it freely.

Flange hole adapter

When tightening the subsea flange, a fixing adapter can be used to fix the clamper and tightening head to the flange hole.

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