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HTS-CTST Conventional Range

Seal reliability is an essential requirement of bolt tensioning tool’s design. CTST range of bolt tensioning tools is some of the most compact and reliable tensioners available today. Each seal of the CTST tensioning tools is individually manufactured instead of molded, and seal size is not restricted.

        CTST range of bolt tensioning tools has the following features: reliable seal, piston “overstroke” protection, link hose system and expanded auxiliary functions.

Seal reliability is fundamental for hydraulic bolt tensioning tools. HTS-CTST bolt tensioner utilizes polyurethane self-activated seal to snap into piston housing. No adjustment is necessary and prolonged use will not cause disfunction. This seal’s frictional coefficient is less than commonly used nitrite seal. In coordination with the specially made anti-extrusion device, this tensioning tool allows the piston to easily return to its original position.

        Simultaneous connection of multiple tensioners and synchronous load bearing of fastening bolts are some of the many advantages of hydraulic tensioning tools. However, some inconveniences are still visible during operation, one of which is complicated and confusing assortment of hydraulic hoses. For this reason, HTS invented a synchronization system for hydraulic connections that can easily switch between series-parallel connection methods.

        Our company has ample design experiences. According to client needs, we can construct expanded axillary functions to automatically retract piston, such as auto-retraction spring, hydraulic auto-retraction, pneumatic auto-retraction, and other systems.



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